Letter to future child


dear future child,

When you’re sixteen, and it’s three in the morning, and you find yourself unable to sleep, tears pooling in your eyes because you think you are worthless, get up. Get up, walk to the wash basin, wash your face, and snuggle into my bed. Whisper in my ear, Mother, I’m scared. And I promise, I’ll hold you so tight that you’ll forget the pain you were feeling a few moments ago.

Do not share your secrets with random strangers at four in the morning like Mother used to. Don’t let them see you at your weakest, because they will use you, and they will hurt you real bad. Every single person who said that they would never give up on you will give up, and trust me, sometimes within an hour of saying it. People who promised to never leave will leave, making you feel more broken than ever.

Do not fall in love with the idea of falling in love, because you will wake up someday, and find out that you were so busy falling that you never realized that it was an idea you loved, and not the person you were falling for. And the moment you realize this, you’ll fall out of love at the speed of light. You’ll break hearts.

If you ever feel like there is light years of distance between us, tell me. I will build you the fastest spaceship ever. I promise I’ll understand you, and even if I don’t, I’ll try. I’ll hold you tight when you feel low, and tickle you until you smile.

Whenever you feel sad, instead of picking up a blade like Mother used to, pick up a paintbrush or a pen. Cry your heart out. Trust me, that fake smile plastered on your face means nothing. Remember, being sad is okay, but getting used to sadness is not.

So, as I said, cry your heart out. Cry a river, cry an ocean if you want. And if you cannot build a bridge over it, build a small boat, a boat so strong that even the strongest of the waves won’t be able to destroy it, and start sailing. Do not start loving the ocean, because that way, you’ll never reach the shore. That way, you will never be happy. Accept sadness, but do not embrace it.
Dear future child, live.


– The Universal Writer-

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