story of life


Its long,
A really long story,
One of furry and glory,
Pain and gain,
Tears and spears,
A story of die and lie.
Born in times so low,
Mother passed and i felt an empty glow,
Days only ruined and i felt the flow,
The sun beat and i felt the blow,
Father took to his drink and staggered all day,
I uttered nothing because i just had no say.
School became harder,
Life tougher,
I could feel the rain beat,
I missed mother and cling to memories,
Father only took to his drink,
But thank God i cleared high school.
I took to the farm,
Poverty looked at me and said come,
But i endured and built a heart like a lion,
Someday i strolled home,
I found a gathering so rare,
Only to realise later,
That i was to be married off,
And when i said no,
Father disowned me,
And to the streets i took.
Only days of desparation in the streets,
To raise a coin was so hard,
And so i gave my body,
Played all the bad games,
Only later to realise am pregnant,
A child was born,
And food was to be provided,
Care and love,
And i was also too small a child.
Days in the streets beat,
Every other dawn i could feel the heat,
Clothes became smaller and none could fit,
I had given my body and everyone was invited,
My clients cruel and dumpy,
But the little money i raised,
I vow to return to school,
It was never easy,
Its a long story.
But now i am here ten years down,
With my child every dawn,
Life has given me a reason to smile,
Good people showed and school i cleared,
So bright i was and only the best did i seek,
Only if mother could take a witness to this,
Its just a long story,
And as this plane lands,
I am off work,
To this country abroad,
To just take a vacation,
Silent days,
As i look back!

~Stylle Mundallo~


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