Google doodle on RK Laxman



Keeping with its Ttradition of honoring noted personalities from around the world, GOOGLE has dedicated their special doodle to illustrator and humourist RK LAXMAN on his birthday Today.

Laxman, whose iconic depiction of the ‘Common Man’ in his cartoon strips, won many hearts featured in the doodle with his creation. The illustrator used to make astute observations on the political turmoil ans social inequalities of his time.

The Common Man, an elderly gentleman, dressed in a checked coat and a dhoti, would always be a part of his work. He would pose the most innocdent, yet thought-provoking questions on the country’s state of affairs.

Google’s doodle shows Laxman sketching a drawing of the Common Man, while the Common Man himself is standing behind the canvas. The scene is set in Laxman’s office or study room, where there’s a desk and canvasses, books lying around.



*RK Laxman Birthday


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