secret of joy

Once a man came to a Master and asked, How is it that you are always full of bliss? How can I become like you? Please tell me, master.
Wait for sometime. When everyone is gone, I will answer your question. It is a secret. replied the master.

People were coming and going all day. The waiting man was getting exasperated. But, he did want to learn the secret. The sun went down in the west. Most people had gone. The man waited till the attendant, too, left. Now, the master was alone. The man insisted on knowing the secret.

Do you see the tree over there?
Yes, I do.
Good. Now do you see there is a bush by the side of the tree?
Yes, I see that, too.

Good, continued the master in his confidential manner,They have been standing side- by- side for years. I have never heard the bush ask the big tree,Why are you so big, and I, so small?
That is why they both are happy. The tree is large and the bush is small. Yet, each is unique in itself.

The bush does not say- I wish I were as tall and strong like you.
The tree did not envy the bush to think- I wish I were as compact and close to the ground like you.

Know yourself and be what you really are. Acceptance of one’s self is the secret of lasting joy.

~The Periscope~


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