To the boy one never stood a chance

After everything that happened in the past, I never thought that my heart would beat for someone again. I thought I was already numb and heartless because of all the anger and bitterness that filled it. But the first time your eyes met mine, I felt something magical yet frightening.

Magical because I heard the fireworks inside me explode, yet frightening because I was afraid to get hurt like before.

Your eyes were like the fairy tale I was looking for. Your smile always capable of making my horrible day a lot better, better than any other day I spent before knowing you. Your voice could make the greatest songbird question their ability to sing.

I get hurt every time I see your name on the page of our University’s crushes because I can’t imagine how many girls out there are also wishing to be yours. Just imagining myself being part of the sea of girls makes me question if I deserve someone who will appreciate my worth just as how as I appreciate everything about you. I know I never stood a chance to be your girl, your one, your love, yet you’ll always have a place reserved here in my heart.

I’m sorry for all the whispering you hear from my friends whenever we see each other in the hallways. I know you never planned to captivate me by your charm but it is seriously hard to resist.

It’s hard to differentiate myself from the rest of the girls. I am not Miss Popularity, Miss Talent, or Miss Beauty and Brains but please can I ask you a favor? Just one hug to bring my broken pieces back together.

I never stood a chance to be your one and only girl, the luckiest girl in the world, but always remember: You are the risk I’m willing to take. You are the love I can never forsake.

Yours, always

First Published : Candymag


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