oo ae..
He talks in eyes only
silently, whispering..
He dives in the river of dreams

the mellow Barfi has come..
Barfi is a blister in the foot
Barfii is the light of nights
being silent only, he is upto mischieves
mischievous, he does that non-stop.

…. Oh God, save me from him

He never stops
He never stays
Whenever he sees sorrow
he kicks it with happiness

The harmonium of his eyelids (which keep going up and down all the time like a harmonium’s air-filler)
He, on the rhythm of heartbeats
keeps on singing lovely songs

Don’t consider him innocent
He is a very clever player
He will extinguish the sun
such a blow he will give
in the yard, the pond, under the Peepal tree,
He leaves no street..

Barfi was sleeping in mother’s womb,
The mother ordered the radio of Murphy
The Murphy kid was mother’s dream child
When the child came in this world slowly
The father set the station of Ceylon

The radio was switched on
The mother got turned off (she died)
Every dream ended
The child sheds tears mute only
The child cannot listen to the rattling toy
(rattling sounds)

~Swanand Kirkire & Mohit Chauhan~


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