Peace is kindness

The Periscope Condemns Paris Terror attacks

Peace is kindness, and the kindness to care.
Peace is sharing, not evil and spite.
Equality and fairness are the essence of peace.
Those who are full of these qualities are virtues,
Are peaceful indeed with those who surround them
And pass on this joy to those full of greed
And give wonderful memories to cherish and love
The ones who receive peace are great people of virtue
And should be remembered in our great books of knowledge
For their actions are kind and give happiness to others
The needy need these people approach
For they can give food and a house which to live
The poor people of earth are known world round
But given no attention, save little gifts and toys
The people fog need peace most of all.
And those who receive peace need it least of all
If peace was widespread through all seven continents
Then fighting war, all battle and mayhem
Would be needless and pointless,
And it already is.

~david Vessel ~


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