path of love


The path of love did not offer me any respite or refuge,
my desire continued to grow as I kept looking at her

At first I thought of love as a game, an amusement,
but then one day I realized
That in every vein of my body
the arrows of her eyes had penetrated deep

my eyes were full of tears, my voice was full of pain,
I wish no one ever has to face the kind of situation that I faced in love

In one moment all my complaints vanished,
And that happened because that uncaring beloved looked at me once

my madness for her was the cause of our disgrace,
And to add to that, she could not stop herself from looking at me in front of everyone

The misery of my heart must have a reason:
Either the pain of love has reemerged or you looked at me once

You have sweat on your forehead, your eyes are moist,
What happened? Have you just met Jigar and seen his condition?



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