sadness of eyes


You are unaware of this, my beloved,

That two days that I did love you, transformed this simpleton forever.

How can I ever think of forsaking your love, my beloved

The sorrows of this world have been enough to break me.

I have other cares too besides yours, my beloved

Even a moment’s relief I cannot find from them

Under the very chins of these high rise buildings

At every step screams the cry of a hungry beggar

Cries of hunger from every house

The noise of a seething humanity from every direction

In the din of the humming factories,

Are submerged the thousand cries of poor folk

Youthful faces being sold in every street

Sorrow drawn over enchanting eyes

This unending war- and the coquettish young men of my land,

Whose blosssoming youth is it consumes

On every protest, the long winding arguments of law

Humiliations, sufferings in this era of forced servility

These sorrows are enough to destroy me,

do not inflict more pain with the sadness in your eyes.






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