growing up


When you grow up 
You start unlearning things
things which u have believed in all those years of dreams and magic,
of fairies and castles 
of ideals and morals;

once you are grown up 
you are required to retain smile on your lips
the tears must remain concealed
nothing should affect you 
or you may be termed vulnerable;

you must know how to behave 
even when someone hurts you with the most piercing words,
this is the price that we all have to pay 
if we wish to be called sane and practical,
In the world of wise grown ups 
emotional is the new synonym of fool and impractical

you know , someone is dying within you
day by day 
bit by bit 
that innocent child whom you must have preserved
when you really grow up.


~Rashmi Bhardwaj~


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