final wisdom

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Religion says, God has created the Man. Made it as a model and then fixed death upon him as his final destiny  uttered Wiseman (Sage) in a trembling tone. He is the mighty creator. I too am of some value, added Sculptor.   Wiseman( Sage);  Until the difference of death will not vanish off, man will never become wise.

Sculptor; I don’t wont to become wise. I shall make my model. Wiseman; What will happen by that? Sculptor; I will attain spiritual satisfication. Wiseman; Oh! then peep inside your Self.    Sculptor; Me……myself.      Wiseman:  Go and create your Self .     And then he left the Ashram after learning the first lesson of wisdom. His soul was illumined. The Sculptor  created the Self with all his devotion and appeared in the could courtdome of Wiseman.  Sculptor in a blissful tone ;  I have created the Self      

Wiseman; Did he introduced with you ?       Sculptor; No, not yet.      Wiseman; Go and meet him.     When the sculptor met his created self he overpowered him and took his control slowly.  Sculptor toiled hard to protect his being but all in vein. During the dual Sculptor got the hammer from somewhere and in a jiffy killed the created Self. The stone was squirming. The sculptor appeared in the cortdome of wiseman.

Wiseman; What happened?   Sculptor; I killed him.  Wiseman; Why? Sculptor; If I would not have killed him, he would have choked me dead.  

Wiseman:  Religion says, God has created man. Made it as a model and then fixed death upon him as his final destiny.Sculptor nodded his head in a way that he has acquired all the wisdom.


~Salma Sanam~


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