soil of india

The soil of my country is made of gold, diamonds, and pearls
The bells around the necks of the bullocks chime to the melody of life
Sadness and regret go away, and joyous lotuses smile
Listening to the sounds of the waterwheels,
it seems as if auspicous flutes are playing somewhere
Every field adorns itself like a bride

when the thrill of spring arrives
soil of my country

When ploughs till this land, the love of its mother is activated
Why would we not worship this soil

that gives us the joy of life?
Whoever was born on this land, obtained your love
Here there is no difference between a stranger and one of our own,
for Mother, you are benevolent to all

This is the garden of Bhudda and Guru Naanak, here bloom the flowers of peace
Gandhi, Subhash, Tagore, Tilak–these are the kinds of flowers of this garden
Its green color is from Hari Singh Nalwa 
and its red color is from Lal Bahadur
The color became saffron with Bhagat Singh
and the color of peace (white) is from the brave Jawahar


~Patriotic Songs~


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