destiny of whales

 fish whale

A 35-ft long dead whale washed ashore near a beach close to Juhu Tara Road on this Thursday evening.

This is the 10th such instance since last year of dead mammals washing ashore in Mumbai and the second instance of a whale washing ashore in Maharashtra after a 42-long foot blue whale washed up in Alibaug in August last year.

According to officials from the BMC disaster management cell, local residents informed the Mumbai fire brigade regarding the carcass at around 8.11pm on Thursday evening.

Officials from the state Mangrove cell told Hindustan Times that the whale has been identified as a fully grown Bryde’s whale that had died in the deep seas two to three days prior to Thursday… Report[ Whale found dead ]


Whales! How do we describe such unique sentience?
How does one describe such amazing creatures?
Musical, marvelous, mystical,
Monstrous mysterious, magnificence,
Beings with a diversity of features,
Intelligent, aware, sociable, whimsical.

They are the deep salty ocean breath of the sea,
Great whales are the awesome conscience of the sea,
They are the self aware minds in the sea.
They are the philosophers of the sea,
The great whales are the protectors of the sea
The greatest noble minds that we will ever see.  

When and why did the great whales first emerge?
What are these great creatures to us?
Why do they hold for us a special place?
With them one day maybe we will converge,
And someday we will earn their trust,
With humility to the human race.





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