new sun

The glimmers of sunlight journey far into space
Tired, they rest in the embrace of the morning mist
And break into a thousand hues of a rainbow
With the first touch of mist, the pure white light gets…
… liberated into its own unseen colors.
They are many and yet one…
A drop of dew is thrilled upon this touch
From the cold night it has been delivered into the warmth of the morning
Flying upon the soft wind it takes rest upon a lotus petal
The flower and the drop are one.
A chariot runs fast and free.
Ripping the covers of slumber, dashing through the winds of life.
An arrow is drawn and the eye is fixed upon its game
The deer elopes towards the pond. The hunter’s eye follows.
The canvas of life which meets the eye is rich. Life itself greets the hunter.
Conviction of mind is broken. Puzzlement enters. Then tranquility follows.
Rainbow, Dewdrop, Lotus, deer and the Hunter are one.
It is an awakening…



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