Heaven on Earth



Rouse yourself from the sleep  
of negligence so that what 
shines out in the morning 
is not hidden from your eyes! 

The heaven you see above  
is not the heaven of God, 
but it is the earth below  
which encompasses that heaven. 

The stars submit to him, 
but conceal their prostration, 
and the sun shields its eyelids 
from the brilliance of his light. 

He is the intercessor for 
the community which follows him, 
just as his forefathers 
were for their forefathers. 

He is the trusted of God 
among His servants on earth, 
if at all the trusted can 
be counted in His country. 

This is the beloved one  
of the city of Mecca, 
and of its mountain paths, 
its black stone and the plain. 

There is a sign on him 
left by the Prophet’s marking, 
and a splendor about him 
which comes from the light of God.


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