Like yellow flowers
Is the light from the lantern behind the window bars
Ancient notes from a harmonium float in the air
They gleam like tiny delicate clouds
Evening, like a little girl lost in herself, has settled on the terrace
Women returning from the forest with loads of wood and grass
cross the courtyard
Leaving behind the sound of their bare feet

Years went by
Rains came followed by dry spells
Snow fell and melted, the cycle went on
Stones moved from their place to someplace else
Trees that bore fruits in the courtyard shifted to greater heights
People departed to new sanctuaries
Leaving behind their closed doors

From a scene altogether erased now
The light of lantern still streams out like yellow flowers
Notes of harmonium float like clouds
And the beat of women’s bare feet in the courtyard
who are back from forest with some wood and grass.


-Manglesh Dabral-



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