A loving relationship via computer screen
A happy existence for a few years
We once made an amazing team
It became like a souvenir

In the beginning there were stories
And beautiful poems wrote
Now just faded memories
And no more loving notes

My real life is balanced now
I’m happy in my real life
Cyber life is no longer a wow
I must now be a loving wife

I was lost for a while
You found me at my worst
I found my happy place and my smile
No more going in reverse

What I needed from you is now lost
I now needed a friend and not a lover
I’m glad our paths did cross
I need my husband and not another

Lately it seemed I made you furious
Cyber life should always be fun
It became a little too serious
That is why it has to be done

Things that were important to me
You just laughed at and made jokes
I’m happy now and glad I’m free
You were once an amazing bloke

I gave you everything and more
I’m sorry it’s the end
I’m needing to walk out the cyber door
I think it’s best not to be friends.



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