Corners of Heart


Excuse me please, but who are you to know the corners of my heart?

 Do you live in there and see it as each wall contracts endlessly?

Who are you to say if I love so and so and what business is it of yours to judge me?

don’t you know the universe hears each and every plea and there will come a time for all?

 My hope is that those searching will learn to love themselves first.

You can’t look for what doesn’t exist inside of yourself, Find that key and turn the door, then feel everything you were meant to feel.

 Know the corners of your own heart, slowly getting to know each groove, Let your hands trace and memorize the curvature of each sublime wall.

The entire universe flows through me, from my head to my feet.

When I love it’s given freely and without strings.

You don’t know me, nor will you ever never be as deep. Don’t judge from a lifetime of experience, you only see what I choose for you to see.

I love as natural as my heart beats, a trillion thumps, all these wondrous feelings.

You don’t know the corners of my heart, so please shut your mouth.

 I believe in miracles and life’s hard lessons, I learned them and became wise.

That all need to be loved deeply and understood, and that is the truth.



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