Fat Neeti wasn’t Ugly

bindi bottoms

I was fat and I did not like it. By the age of 8, I had been called almost all the names that overweight people have to bear – Moti, Bhains, Hathini and so on. I hated those names. While I did have a great support system in my very loving parents who did not care about my body type, my perception of my size and looks created a downward spiral which sucked me in.

I don’t know why but my confidence did take a hit because of being fat. Being known and perceived as beautiful mattered. I would have given anything to even a stranger if they called me ‘beautiful’; that would have been the greatest expression of love. I truly believed that no one loved me. I wasn’t beautiful. I wasn’t intelligent. I was just a misfit in the world. I couldn’t stand those who even as much as noticed or hinted about my weight.

Then, while still a child, I decided to change – quietly, ensuring no one knew. I controlled my diet, played basketball and cycled.

Today, I am independent, love my work, and..READ >>Neeti Sudha’s Story


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