Loneliness the doorway through which we come to what we most desire. In the bodily pain of aloneness is the first step to understanding how far we are from a real friendship, from a proper work or a long sought love. Loneliness can be a prison, a place from which we look out at a world we cannot inhabit; loneliness can be a bodily ache and a penance, but loneliness fully inhabited also becomes the voice that asks and calls for that great, unknown someone or something else we want to call our own.

Loneliness is the very state that births the courage to continue calling, and when fully lived can undergo its own beautiful reversal, becoming, through its beckoning invitation to feel an absence more fully, the far horizon that answers back.

Loneliness is not an abstract, it is the body constellating, attempting to become proximate, calling to join with other bodies, through physical touch, through conversation or the mediation of the intellect and the imagination.

Loneliness invites us to pay real attention to voices other than our own; inhabiting our aloneness allows us to find the healing power in the other. The shortest line in the briefest e-mail can heal, embolden, welcome home and enliven the most isolated identity. Human beings are made to belong.

Loneliness is the single malt taste our very nature, the very essentiality that makes conscious belonging possible. The doorway is closer than we think. I feel terribly alone; therefore I belong.


-David Whyte-

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