Wanderer, deep in love
what do you search for?
Asking people far and wide,
where the one does reside
You roam the streets, end to end,
You Laugh, You Cry,
You urge evry passerby,
Hiding the hurt in your smile,
That you belonging to all the world,
Yet no one is yours to hold,
The colours of the rainbow
Converge in her eye,
Her voice is as pure
as the Bulbul’s cry,
She walks in the fiery sun
But shadows cover her,
Through every blackened cloud you try
To found the furtive white moonlight,
You even heard a gentle lilt,
In the soundless stirring of the wind,
You tell all those looking on
That your lover lives close by
Your gaze deceives itself you say,
Never pausing along your way,
Her scent is wrapped around your soul,
You wear it knowing every day
The one you search for desperately,
will come to love you someday.



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