be happy

For now let me
be happy.
No, nothing is there with anybody,
And I am nowhere any special,
it’s only that, only
that I am happy

powered by four chambers
of my heart,
or writing.
What can I do? I am
I am more measureless
than grass in
the meadow
Feeling my skin like a roughened tree
water below,
the birds above,
the sea enfolding
like rings around my waist,
the earth shooting out of bread and stone,
the air singing like a guitar.
You, beside me in the sand,
you are the sand,
you are the singer and the song.
Now the world
is my soul:
song and sand;
Now the world
is your mouth
I’ll be happy
on your mouth, on the sand,
Be happy that I am breathing
and that you are breathing,
Be happy, because I am touching
on to your knee
and it is I feel I am touching
blue skin of vault of the sky
and its fresh air.
Today only I
I only
will be happy,
with everybody or without anybody,
will be happy,
with the grass
and the sand,
with the air and the earth,
with you and your mouth,
be happy.

~Pablo Neruda~


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