Tunes of Love

The heart is feeling uneasy
eyes are looking at the path waiting for somebody’s arrival
life is unorganised
there is no tune no rhythm
please come, o my lover, do come
please harmonise rhythm with mine

The rains have drenched me today
oops! my shyness has got me drowned
amidst non-stop showers,
i was standing and thinking
i was sure that i have lost something
but was not able to figure out what is that ! that i have lost ( heart)

why are you silent, please speak
please swing with me
match steps with my steps
i have to agree that you are a stranger
i also agree that i am a stranger for you
but i want to get acquainted with you,
and i want you to get acquainted with me

please come near to my heart
please come to the pathway of my heart
whatever way you are feeling,
the very same i am feeling
match rhythms with mine



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