The bricks

The Bricks
brick by brick.
piece by piece.

there was that night in the alleyway
when you confessed that you loved me
and these words collided with my wall
dropping abruptly
to the ground
like the raindrops that were
falling from the heavens
onto our eyelashes.

day by day.
each by each.

it was that night in the alleyway
when you admitted you love me
and you see me
and you hear me
and you
know me.

and i know you.

it was that night when one of my
bricks toppled to the
ground, liberated by your
perfect imperfection.

we are insane, yes.
having known each other a
minuscule fraction of
a lifetime and wanting to
spend the rest of it with
one another.

but these bricks
[which were
lying heavy on my
sprightly soul]
were thrust to the ground,
emancipating me from my
encumbering wall
as you began to
pour into the spaces
where they once persisted.

you replace my opposition to
vulnerability with the kind of love
i have fervently yearned for,
craved and desired
night by night.
each by each.

the clock strikes 11:11,
it’s always you i had wished for.
for now i know;
if you hope hard enough,
it works.

for a person like me
[a person like us]
letting this guard down
is almost as arduous as
quantum physics.
or advanced chemistry.
or seeing someone you love
in tears.

i feel that i am destined for you
so much so that i can
imagine being this older couple
i once saw at the park,
holding hands and living like they
were still 21.
and i wished to God that i would
find that love.

dear God, i don’t even know
if i believe in you but…
thank you for
sending him to me.

he is it.
he is endgame.
there are some things that a
heart just knows. my god, i
feel him with me when i am alone,
[i can barely breathe without him]
and know that he should have been
holding my hand all along,
holding my all, all along.

he is my ultimate karmic
[chapped lips,
countless kisses.]

never be scared, my dear.
never doubt my love.
for as you say you will never
leave me, it will be in my arms
that you will always stay.

there are just some things
a heart knows.

brick by brick
piece by piece
day by day
each by each
we will crush our
doubts and fears.
hesitations and tears.

i am madly, madly
irretrievably and
in love with you.

my dear,
we are meant to be.
you are living,
breathing poetry.

-Laura robin –


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