Fervent whispers

Tell me love,what I must do.
I know the landscape in essnce
I am no pretender.

Inspiration then perspiration
A torrid sweat as the tempo.  Rises BUT…
Allow me to speak your
name in fervent whisper
Again and again.

Permit me to traverse your mind
As your sensuous body follows.

I am there. Now here now all places at once

Seeking. Seeking
The small of your back
I am listening as your breathing hastens then slacks.

Feeling as your body shudders. Reaches and entwines.
Allow me access ever so gently.

Tasting. Savouring the hollows and curves
The recesses. The tactile mounds the essense of you.
Dam this poem is making my hands shake.

We are molded skin to skin now. A rythym.
Hot . A dance. Stay with me darling this is nirvana.
Where do I end and you begin.

I feel your desire your wanting to peak.but slow now soft now
The moment awaits still. We will batter the gates stil and come rushing
To climax. As one. Stay. Slow .soft.

Here and now my darling. Hold tight as we soar my love
Over the falls we go to wash in a tide of release.
Yes. Yes.
We are there.

*Geno Cattouse*


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