The greats who fought for our liberty
To build a nation without difficulty.
To make absorb cultures and beliefs
Of millions who believe it their home.

They laid their heart and life
To end the deadly strife.
To make motherland free from all woes.
They made the final sacrifice.

They wished a country free from evils,
But we’re unable to get rid of a devil.

The devil of communalism.
The devil of fanaticism.

The devil which leads to riots,
which indeed kills.
Which leaves us only with horror stills.

The devil that curses serenity
and upheaval, it loves.

Children left with shattered hopes,
Women with tattered clothes.
Elders blood stained,
lying on once cheerful road.

The devil which makes friends foes,
Seeds of enemity it sows.
Which neglects us of the true religion
Our forefathers preached before division.

devil that blindfolds us,
In the name of religion and caste.
Love is forgotten and the fanatics have the last laugh !

-Majid ahmad –


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