The sadness

Sadness, I need
Your black wing,
there is too much sun, too much honey in the topaz,
each spoke smiles
the meadows
and everything is round light around me
and all, at the top, is like a bee electricity.
your black wing
give me,
sister sadness:
I need it to lapse sometimes
sapphire and falling
Climbing the rain sideways,
the cry of the earth:
I want
the broken trunk in the estuary,
the vast dark house
and my mother
that seeks
to fill the lumen
until the light
He not breathed her last.
The night was slow to come.
The day slipped
to his provincial cemetery
and among the bread and the shadow
the window I watched what was not,
what did not happen,
and black water wing that fell
of the heart that maybe there
I have forgotten forever the window.
Now, regret
the black light.
Give me your slow blood,
give me your flight stunned!
My chest
make the key
the door closed,
For a minute, for
a short life,
take my light and leaves
that I feel lost and miserable,
that tremble between the fibers
who receives the soul
the hands
of the

#Pablo Neruda


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