Words of a broken heart

There is no end but only start, if I pen down the words of every broken heart.

Ink would fall short, words would start to rot.

My pain might look as light as a feather, be aware, it might get as ugly as a bad weather.

The scars on my body might heal and look better, only I and the blade know how much it cut deeper.

Eyes had lost its longing bond with dreams, nightmares molest them, as I wake up with screams.

Colours and silhouettes, both look similar, when hope meets disappointment, I guess it’s familiar.

Demons of past caress me and sing a lullaby, as I rest in it’s lap and watch angels laugh and fly.

I quiver, I long, for one such angel to come flying to me and make me strong.

I watch them in silence as they decided to flee, assuring I would be fine, now, the magic to put myself together lies in the hands of mine

#Sairaj Krishna


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