both ends

It has been long since I wrote a
Ghazal to praise you.My poems
are wreckage of my heart
Kneeling down to kiss ur pieces

My poems are short as your
words -limited,coarse,terse
And confined.i crib about you,but
do not come to make peace with you

It has been long since I have raised
My hands in supplication of you
I have stopped yearning about you
We have ambitions higher than love

I on other hand mix words and rhythm
To hold your essence as close to heart
Never letting any moment surpass the
warmth that you left clinging to doors

I may not see you again or may not live
To the day. Iam dying each moment
Loving you,thinking you and you fabricate the thoughts of women who defined you

Asna Azhar


3 responses to “both ends

  1. Awesome post and a great read. I just loved it so much my friend 😊. What was your inspiration for this post ?

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