She is like trees

She plants lavender bushes on arid earth
and keeps the soil moist, welcoming and fertile
for thirsty seedlings.
She is like the trees
And like the gardener
She knows the words
the silences.
Her hands build
and remain invisible
because she likes fading
into serene margins.
To never claim anything
with words
because she creates
not conversations
but spaces
where connections unfold
people meet
come together
and become a family.
She is a unifier of
disparate elements
of materials
that under her watch become
seamless sanctuaries.
She is also a warrior
with a heart as big as a Redwood forest
a soul as deep as a river
and no fear
of the great unknown
for she has walked the length and breadth
of the road less taken.
For her nothing will do
except for what is rare
and true and one in a million
like the love she found
and the love that found her
one fine day
when all she was doing was
planting a few lavender bushes
in arid earth
not knowing if they would blossom.

They will said he
and she knew then
that they would.
And so they did.
And here they are today..
she and the man who knew
in a Redwood chapel shaded by sunlight and clouds.
Ready to stand still
and to walk together
on many roads less taken.
On roads that will always welcome them
with purple songs
and the hum of a million flowers
ready to burst with joy.

Reema Moudgil


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